The Academy of Clinical & Medical Hypnosis

The Academy of Clinical & Medical Hypnosis was founded  to fulfil a need for high quality training and to penetrate the unnecessary mystique surrounding the practice of hypnotherapy and NLP.

The Academy has a proven success rate in creating accomplished therapists, many of whom who now run their own hypnotherapy business.  Initially offering courses in Sheffield, Chesterfield and Central London, the Academy of Clinical & Medical Hypnosis has continued to expand, and now provides a range of hypnotherapy training courses and CPD’s (continual professional development) throughout the UK.

We will provide you with the skills necessary to become an ethical, confident and competent therapist, by providing a professional and externally validated training course covering clinical, medical, and cognitive hypnosis, in addition to a thorough understanding of stress and it’s management and a range of powerful NLP techniques.  Our twenty day Diploma will give prospective students all they need to work as a qualified hypnotherapists in both private and public sectors.

Course Directors

The course directors, Alan Cooper and Carole Wan, have over thirty years experience as therapists, both in Dronfield, Derbyshire (near Sheffield) and Harley Street, London.  Carole and Alan have been employed by a number of training and education establishments, including Sheffield University, to deliver training in both hypnotherapy, NLP and stress management.  They have trained with many of the well-known names in the field of hypnotherapy and psychotherapy, including Michael Yapko, Jeffrey Zeig and Rubin Battino.  Carole has been an invited presenter for The National Council for Hypnotherapy.

Stress management

Uniquely, we equip students with a thorough grounding in stress management, something we believe is an integral part of any training course for psychotherapists and hypnotherapists alike.  Carole and Alan are experienced in the theory and practice of stress management, having worked in the corporate sector delivering training for a variety of SME’s (Small & Medium sized Enterprises) in addition to appearing on national TV as part of a documentary on stress management training in London.  Students who wish to study further are invited to take our Diploma and Advanced Diploma in stress management, with a curriculum in line with recommendations devised by The International Stress Management Association, ISMA.

The HPD - the gold standard

Most of our twenty-day courses run annually, either in spring or autumn.  Some of our centres, such as Sheffield, London and Chesterfield, run twice a year.  

CPD Short courses

Our range of continual professional development courses have expanded alongside our Diploma course and can be accessed by any of our students once they are registered with us, as well as being open to any qualified hypnotherapist. Any student who has completed a total of 5 days training with us will qualify for a generous 15% discount off any future CPD – for life!

Fast Track Training

We also offer two ‘fast track’ training courses, aimed at those students with existing medical/psychological and psychotherapeutic qualifications as well as existing hypnotherapists wishing to ‘brush up’  on existing skills or obtain a validated qualification in psychotherapy.

We will also be offering, effective from 2014, a six-day ‘Hypnotherapy Practitioner Certificate’  for anyone who wishes to find out more about this fascinating subject and learn some valuable self-help techniques using hypnosis and NLP or as an introduction and lead-in to our sixteen-day Diploma course.

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