Stress and Teaching

I was carrying out an internet search on stress and teaching recently, and was concerned, but not surprised, at the number of blogs from current and ex-teaching staff regarding their mental health. Co-morbid anxiety and depression were common, as is stress of course.  Many people are taking medication just to cope.  What is known in stress management circles as 'maladaptive coping strategies' (i.e. an increase in comfort eating causing weight gain, an increase in alcohol dependence) and chronic insomnia seem to be the norm.


Its certainly a problem I've encountered ever since I set up my business, over 20 years ago. I can't change the education system, ban OFSTED or discipline kids.  What I can - and I have done since 1992 - is teach some effective strategies for coping with the situation, including stress management, CBT and hypnotherapy.  Teachers usually make excellent progress, they are motivated and respond well to hypnosis, not because they are gullible but because they have active minds.  I'll be writing later about who some people respond well to hypnosis.


I always believe that, sadly, its the good teachers, the ones who care, who seem to suffer.  I have encountered some teachers traumatised by violence too.  Although therapy is not a substitute for talking to a medical professional and/or been prescribed medication, it really does help people to feel more in control, boosts their self-esteem and diminishes feelings of hopelessness.


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