Masterclass in Depressive Disorders

This course is designed for hypnotherapists who wish to increase their skill base with the use of depressive disorders. Rates of depression are increasing annually, and yet, according to Michael Yapko, in his book ‘Hand-Me-Down Blues’, it is one of the most treatable disorders. Medication alone can never be an entirely adequate form of treatment. However, the use of psychotherapy and hypnotherapy has been shown to be an effective intervention, whether used alongside traditional medication or as a stand-alone therapy.

Carole has been a therapist for almost thirty years and, together with Alan Cooper, she has devised and delivered over 20 CPD’s plus their validated training in Hypnosis, NLP & Psychotherapy.



  • What is depression: types of depression
  • Risk factors for depression
  • Special considerations
  • Stress /anxiety/depression triad
  • Coping Styles
  • Yapko’s view
  • Using CBT & REBT with Depression
  • Learning Optimism
  • Significance of upbringing
  • Specifics: Post-Natal, Trauma & PTSD, Depression in Childhood
  • Grief & Loneliness
  • Co-morbidity


You gave such a variety of strategies to work with that adapting to each client’s individual needs will be very much easier. I have a greatly increased confidence in my ability to deal with depression. I hope to take more of your CPD’s soon! LR


I thought the course was excellent. Very informative and extremely well structured – the manual and handouts made things very clear. I found the exercises that we did really helpful and insightful. I also felt that you both gave us such a variety of strategies to work with that adapting to each client’s individual needs will be very much easier. come away not only with masses of notes, but a greatly increased confidence in my future ability to deal with depression. Many, many sincere thanks to you both. CB, Derbyshire


The course once again has been wonderful. So much information is given, so many tools are given
CS, Derbyshire


 Thank you, this was an excellent course. The material was comprehensive and up to date. There was plenty of opportunity for discussion. Carol and Alan d are also knowledgeable and experienced practitioners as well as trainers. I have learned a lot. MF, Milton Keynes



This masterclass is now available as a distance learning option. You will receive a ONE-HUNDRED-page manual, hypnosis scripts and metaphors, client handouts and information. You will also receive all our PowerPoint handouts.

In order to receive certification, please complete the coursework provided.


COST £160 payable by PayPal

            £150 payable by bank transfer

            £140 NCH/NCP members


Marking coursework and certification (by email) included. APL hours 25.

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