Stress Management

We offer a number of stress management courses enabling you to provide stress management training in both the private and public sectors. We also offer stress management training for companies and individuals.

Our stress management training consists of three components and each one may be taken as a ‘stand alone’ qualification.

Certificate in Stress Management, CertSM

Diploma in Stress Management, DipSM

Advanced Diploma in Stress Management, AdvDipSM

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Certificate in Stress Management

Understanding stress and its management.

Students will, on completion, be able to demonstrate an understanding of stress: physiology, psychology & behaviour, in addition to recognising the causes of stress and its impact on personality. Additional learning will cover lifestyle & health promotion, including nutrition, as well as stress-related illness and maladaptive coping mechanisms.

The course is run over two days and participants will be awarded a Certificate in Stress Management, and may use the initials Cert.SM after your name.

This award now forms an integral part of our combined hypnotherapy & psychotherapy, course.

Distance Learning Option

We can offer this certificate as a distance learning option for anyone interested in stress & the effects of stress, but to apply for ISMA membership must attend a live course.

Diploma in Stress Management

Stress Management in the Workplace & Stress Management Techniques including (new for 2014) Mindful Stress Management

Our popular Diploma in Stress Management enables students to use the title ‘stress manager’ and is open to anyone who has gained the certificate in stress management from ACMH or a comparable award from another organisation or

  • anyone working in the therapeutic or health-related sector
  • HR personnel
  • anyone having or working towards qualifications in psychology, nursing, counselling, alternative therapy, management, teaching

The Diploma in Stress Management will enable you to work as a stress manager in both private or public sectors. As well as individual stress management, you will learn all about stress in the workplace, including organisational change, occupational stress, time management, and personal stress caused by financial, marital and family issues.

Delegates will learn a number of stress management interventions, such as yoga, relaxation, thought stopping and hypnosis AND our Mindful Stress Management Approach. Strategies for workplace stress will include stress mapping, dealing with workplace bullying, and effective management techniques. We will also study communication within the workplace and learn some effective NLP techniques to take into work environments.

Individual stress management will concentrate on valuable communication skills and building self-esteem. Students will learn all about a variety of personality typing models, such as the Enneagram, Myers Briggs & Satir Categories.

The course is delivered in two, 3-day modules, building into a comprehensive course manual, with lots of useful handouts, scripts and exercises. As with the certificate, certification will be awarded on successful completion of the between-course homework. On completion you will qualify you as a stress manager, allowing you to use the award Dip.SM after your name. Completion of the  Certificate and Diploma together will qualify you for membership of ISMA.

Advanced Diploma in Stress Management

Learn Cognitive Stress Management, how to deal with Post Traumatic Stress, Workplace Coaching, Stress Innoculation and much more

The advanced diploma, or ‘trainer’ award, enables graduates to train others to become stress managers as well as equipping existing stress managers and therapists with an effective toolbox of cutting-edge techniques. This award will also be useful for any individual working in the caring professions, management & HR, coaching and counselling, and any area of education.

The course runs over four weekends, one per month, leading to the qualification Adv.Dip.SM. Entry requirements are:

  • existing Diploma in Stress Management, awarded by Academy of Clinical & Medical Hypnosis or similar
  • AND you must be working in education, health services, HR, management, complementary therapy or related fields

This is a revolutionary training course which covers all aspects of stress management and includes

  • cognitive therapy & stress
  • pharmacology
  • mediation
  • post traumatic stress disorder and critical incident debriefing
  • stress inoculation therapy
  • coaching

You will learn some great goal setting techniques, how to dispute distorted thought processes, how to hold effective meetings and a range of relaxation skills, such as autogenics, meditation, breathing techniques and biofeedback. You will receive training on how to write and deliver stress management courses, employee assistance programmes and researching stress. We will also look at special cases, such as postnatal depression & psychosis, heart disease, shift work & depression.

An important part of this course will look at environmental stress – economic, political & circumstantial, as well as stress in education and teaching effective stress management and studying skills in schools. We will provide you with up-to-date research and discuss the mind/body connection, looking at the work of Dr Rossi.

Finally, we will learn what to do with the ‘stress generators’ found in every workplace and how to access other helping agencies in the fight against stress.

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