Completing your hypnotherapy training course with the Academy of Clinical and Medical Hypnosis will prepare you well for a career in hypnotherapy or any of a number of related practices.  But don’t just take our word for it.  Here’s what some of our past students have had to say…

Below are testimonials from our previous students, and we thank them for kindly agreeing to let us publish their comments:

"I thought the course was excellent. Very informative & extremely well-structured – the manual, handouts, power points… The exercises we did were really helpful and insightful. The whole atmosphere was very friendly, supportive and totally absorbing. Many, many sincere thanks to you both."     CB

"Incredibly worthwhile. The structure was great – very informative. It’s a wonderful thing to be taught by the best. You have been inspirational.  "   ML

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your teaching. You made the course exciting. You are certainly the most inspiring therapist I have ever met.     WC

I hope you both realise what amazing teachers you are, you possess such positive energies that feed through to the students. I left your classes feeling vibrant and self assured.     LS

I am finally on my way to being a counselling psychologist and I would like to thank you both, as completing the hypnotherapy course has rapidly opened doors for me.     SS

Both trainers were excellent, making their courses fun, informative and highly practical. They ensure that you gain the skills necessary to become a confident and successful therapist. I highly recommend them.     LD

The course has been the most positive thing I have ever done and has given me so much more confidence in my everyday life. When I received the certificates I knew it was worth every moment!     DP

I loved the practice sessions and I really felt that I learned an awful lot after just the first day.  DA, Bucks

I would like to thank you for all the hard work you have invested in the group during the last ten months. I really have enjoyed the course, it has been stimulating and demanding.     JC

I originally qualified as a counsellor eight years ago at postgraduate level. I consider your course of excellent quality. I really valued your support, you were approachable, good humoured and always professional.     FL

Once again, many thanks for the weekend, which I really enjoyed. So much, in fact, I did my homework as soon as I got home!     KC

I would just like to pass on my thanks for a well-structured and informative course. I was particularly impressed with the dedication of the trainers.     PD

I have learned a great deal about Hypnotherapy, NLP, counselling and myself and still miss the fun and laughter we had on the course.     TW

I think the combination of two trainers works well, they are both very experienced and informative and when questions arise they have a great depth of knowledge and practical experience to draw on… explaining not only the therapy but the practical side of running a business.     JG

Both trainers are outstanding tutors, clearly highly experienced, very professional and friendly, in complete command of their subject material and excellent presenters. I cannot speak highly enough of them.     NP

The course is intensive but the commitment needed was well worth the effort!!  Weekends were an excellent mix of tutorial and practical sessions.  Although the course was pretty packed Carole and Alan ensured there was plenty of opportunity for discussion or questions to be raised.  As tutors their individual styles were a perfect complement and we had as many laughs as we did serious discussion.  Their demonstrations of particular techniques were inspiring as well as informative.  Coursework was returned without delay and materials for the training weekends sent in good time. This is a demanding course but well worth the hard work.  I have completed the course in the knowledge I have a sound theoretical basis as well as extensive practical experience on which to build a successful practice.   I have already completed some CPDs with Alan and Carole and found these to be as high a standard as the main course.     Although the course was an exciting professional journey the practical sessions brought real and unexpected personal benefit.  I’d suffered insomnia, migraines and episodic depression for over 20 years and found over the period of the course I noticed an unexpected but astonishing and very welcome improvement in each area.  And it is this personal experience that has really enhanced increased my commitment to hypnotherapy as a valuable technique. MP, Chesterfield

An amazing course from start to finish, it has changed my life and those close to me. It was my first time studying since I left school (27 years ago) so a little nerve racking to begin with but Carole and Alan were so welcoming and made everyone feel at ease. My ‘hypno’ buddies, (fellow students) as we called one another, were all fabulous & I am so glad I had the opportunity to meet them all. I can honestly say that even though I work full-time throughout the week and attended the course on the designated weekends I never once didn’t look forward to it. I found the whole experience fascinating & I have learnt skills that I will carry with me for the rest of my life. So many people have already benefited from what I have learnt – from helping colleagues with eating disorders, nail biting and insomnia to curing my husband of Hay Fever symptoms – all using hypnosis! Self hypnosis has been an important factor for me for many areas in my life & it has helped me tremendously. As a little experiment I decided to see if I could get myself to ‘like’ football – as it is something I have loathed, with a passion, all my life. I am now the proud owner of a Sheffield Wednesday Season Ticket, absolutely love it, and can’t get enough! That to me demonstrates the power of hypnosis. DS, Chesterfield

A worthwhile training for professionals. The training highlighted the vast areas that hypnotherapy could be used for when working with children. The emphasis on self-hypnosis has not been an area that I would have been comfortable with until after this training. The trainer was excellent in that she was approachable, knowledgably and facilitated a safe learning environment. ZE

An outstanding course offering excellent opportunities for practical work which has given me great confidence in delivering both hypnotherapy and coaching to clients. The best aspect of the course is the wonderful dynamic between the trainers, Carole and Alan, which enables them to deliver even the most complex material in a manner that is both digestible and highly entertaining. Also, the care and dedication of Yvette who has the patience of a saint and is totally dedicated to helping students achieve the very best they can with the written element of the course. I have loved every minute. Thank you!  In addition to the educational value of the course, I – like many other attendees- have had my own personal breakthrough by overcoming my presentation anxiety to the point where I have just accepted my first public speaking engagement! AH, Chesterfield

Carole & Alan are excellent therapists and provide a good basis for imparting their experience and knowledge with some sound theory and practical training that gives a firm basis for any therapist to commence their journey with the required amount of competence and confidence.   BN, Sheffield

A thoroughly enjoyable course which gives you so much insight about yourself and tools to enable you to help others to move on with their lives and overcome obstacles that may be holding them back.  I can’t wait to get started! CP, Harrogate

A really informative and well-run course.  I really enjoyed the practical work.  I am looking forward to doing further CPD training in the near future.  Thanks Carole and Alan. KE, Rotherham

I had been looking for a course that combined stress management with practical tools such as hypnosis. This course met all my requirements, as well as those required of ISMA. I am now over half way through the course and really loving it. It’s well structured, interesting, flexibly (I’m already running my own business so juggling my time) and incredibly useful. SW, Milton Keynes

I found the course to be really well run by Carole and Alan, extremely informative, interactive and very enjoyable; it has been a life changing experience. Carole and Allan have been an inspiration, with support being there when required; I have also made quite a few new friends who I can keep in contact with. The course has opened up a whole new world for me; Carole and Alan have provided me with tools and confidence to help others overcome their problems and given me knowledge to not only pursue a different career path, but also learn further about Hypnotherapy and associated therapies and not be scared to implement them. I would recommend the ACMHL to anyone wishing to study Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy, NLP and Stress Management. RC

An extremely enjoyable and informative course. Very well run with excellent trainers who delivered the sessions with professionalism and humour! The course was very well organised and thorough with excellent administrative support. Thank you all!  CM

Thank you so much for the last 7 months.  I have loved learning from you both and know this training has changed my life!  LO

I just wanted to tell you both how much I enjoyed the training.  I found the subject material absolutely fascinating, the delivery of the material was excellent along with a relaxed and comfortable environment you both created.  In my nine years of study I have never been so captivated by a subject. I've finally found something I'm passionate about, this is what I've been looking for.  A career to fill with passion and creativity, how could one fail? JH

We thoroughly enjoyed the course and look forward to talking to you later in the year when have put what we have learned into practice.  DC

I thoroughly enjoyed the course and learned a lot about myself whilst becoming qualified to embark on a new career. JW

I was absolutely delighted to find a course combining hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, NLP and Stress Management which also had acclaimed national accreditation.  I felt reassured by Alan and Carole's experience, which supported their wealth of expertise.  I thoroughly recommend this course.  Alan & Carole make a helpful team.  Thank you for the doors this course has opened. ZB

 The course was not only excellent for someone wanting to enter into hypnotherapy and psychotherapy professionally, but it was also an enlightening experience for my own self development.  The modules were well organised, interesting and full of useful anecdotes, and we were nurtured throughout the academic side and practicals which were new to most of us.  All in all it was an outstanding course and we all feel we can move on with confidence to careers in therapeutic professions.  I believe every one of us came out of the course changed for the better.  Thank you Alan, Carole and Yvette.  RM

I found the course to be challenging, interesting and thought provoking.  It is run with the correct level of professionalism and friendliness, with lots of opportunities for discussion and debate.  I particularly liked, and appreciated, the course  materials being available on Dropbox, and the level of detail in the course booklet.  Both Alan and Carole are great teachers and lovely people from whom it was a pleasure to learn from and spend time with.  It was great being able to access their many years of experience.  Yvette is a wonderful support via email, always giving feedback that is constructive and positive in its nature.  It was especially appreciated that she always marked the homework within a short period of time, alleviating stress especially towards the end of the course.  LW

For a while I had wanted to do a course to learn NLP techniques but for one reason or another it was out of my reach due to time or location.  One day searching on the internet I found this Diploma course which appeared to be well planned and comprehensive and also included NLP.  I consider it an excellent course and highly rewarding due to all the knowledge and practical work received from the experienced tutors.  I am very pleased with the outcome, the course exceeded my expectations.  Thank you.  MJ

I found the Fast Track course to be an excellent introduction to the theory and practice of hypnotherapy.  Carole and Alan's knowledge and experience as hypnotherapists are evident in their explanations and practical demonstrations.  They made the course interesting and informative while keeping information concise and relevant.  Hypnotherapy is a useful skill which I have integrated into my practice as an oral surgeon and also utilise to assist clients with self improvement and peak performance.  Highly recommended.  Dr SA

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