Diploma in NLP


This course is primarily aimed at those therapists who wish to use neuro linguistic programming in the therapy room. This award will enable you to:


  • Establish rapport with anyone, not just your clients
  • Be an excellent communicator
  • Read non-verbal cues
  • Identify language patterns
  • Help clients with performance anxiety, sports performance and public speaking
  • Develop sensory acuity
  • Teach clients how to tap into positive emotional states and get rid of negative beliefs
  • Use a wide range of NLP techniques, including the fast phobia cure (also known as VAK rewind), swish, anchoring, timeline techniques, reframes, submodality work and parts integration
  • Understand both the meta modal and the Milton model


Carole and Alan are both experienced NLP trainers and coaches.  Alongside your NLP qualification, you will also learn some effective, innovative and exciting techniques, for both coaching your clients and as a good foundation for building your own coaching practice.

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