Hypnotherapy careers and qualifications

Why train in hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is currently unregulated in the UK.  However, following recommendations made by the House of Lords Select Committee on Science and Technology (1999), discussions have taken pace into the voluntary self-regulation of hypnotherapy. 

The CNHC, The Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council, was set up by the Department of Health in 2010.  The Department of Health recommends that you choose a hypnotherapist that is registered with the CNHC.  All members registered with the NCH have the option of joining the CNHC.

Registration with the CNHC will be seen as the gold standard for complementary therapy practitioners.  Likewise, the HPD is the gold standard in hypnotherapy training and qualifications.


Can anyone train to be a hypnotherapist?

There are NO criteria for studying and qualifying in hypnotherapy. We do not insist on a previous qualification in psychology, for example, although many psychologists have studied with us. We may invite you for a personal interview. HOWEVER, you are very welcome to interview us, whatever your background! Simply call us on 01246 416544 and we will arrange a mutually convenient time. You are also welcome to call in to ANY of our training courses, with prior arrangement with the trainers, to watch us at work and meet our students.

We will ask you for two references and a short CV. You are also asked to provide medical/psychological information. This is, of course, totally confidential.

The most important qualities for a career in hypnotherapy are bags of empathy and a genuine interest in people. Those students attending the training purely for self-development are always welcome to attend the course without submission of a portfolio, or even any homework. In this case you will be issued with a certificate of course completion. Incidentally, anyone who is unable to complete the homework, or the HPD, for other reasons (whether personal or otherwise) is welcome to forward their homework at a later date for certification. You do NOT need to complete your portfolio by the end of the course, although many students choose to do this!


How do I qualify?

In accordance with National Occupational Standard guidelines, our HPD course runs for twenty days, two days per month, giving you 120 hours of supervised practice and theoretical teaching. In addition, you are expected to study for at least 450 hours, which means that most students spend around 7 hours per week on research, practise and homework. You will be issued with a suggested reading list on acceptance onto the course.

We do NOT set an exam, we set appropriate homework each month, based on that weekends training, the course manual, relevant reading and sometimes a little research. In addition, you will begin the process of compiling a PORTFOLIO for submission to the NCH/NCFE in order to gain for externally validated award. You will receive guidance and help with preparing your portfolio for submission. 



The Academy of Clinical & Medical Hypnosis has an unsurpassed record of delivering training in hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, NLP & stress management for over ten years. Run by Alan Cooper & Carole Wan, who have a combined total of 30+ years as therapists, this is a unique opportunity to train with one of the most successful companies in the UK.

Read some of the testimonials yourself to hear what previous students say about the course and then give Alan or Carole a call on 01246 416544 to find out more. Please leave a message is the answerphone is on: both directors still continue to work as therapists and may not be available.

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