Masterclass in Anxiety, Panic and Phobias

Online CPD


  • During this current situation, there has been a massive increase in the number of individuals – both adults and children – suffering from anxiety disorders. Based on our three-day masterclass, this online training will provide you with a wealth of knowledge on this wide-ranging disorder.
  • Recognise and develop a comprehensive understanding of the various anxiety difficulties and phobias.
  • Learn effective, safe and fast treatments using a variety of techniques
  • Understand how childhood experiences impact on anxiety levels and what constitutes an anxious personality
  • Learn how to combine the best of CBT and hypnotherapy for fast, effective results


 CONTENT:  This masterclass includes:

  • Effective and rapid treatments for anxiety, panic & phobias incorporating CBT, & hypnotherapy
  • What are the symptoms and why anxiety develops
  •  Are we conditioned to be phobic?
  •  Can our diet make us more anxious?
  •  Why anxiety may be good for us
  •  Dealing with anxiety in children and why it is important
  •  What else can mimic anxiety
  •  Emetophobia, dental phobia, separation anxiety, generalised anxiety disorder, avoidant paruresis, adjustment disorders, childhood anxiety, social anxiety, selective mutism,
  •  Blood-injection-injury phobias and why they differ from other phobias
  •  Innovative & Effective Treatment options for Panic attacks, including challenging negative self talk, scaling and the AWARE technique
  •  Structured Problem Solving


What some of our students say:


I found the anxiety CPD incredibly worthwhile. The structure and content was great, very informative. I particularly enjoyed the case studies and CBT content

 ML, Hertfordshire


Carole and Alan have a vast amount of experience between them and are happy to answer any questions posed during the course.   The course itself is extremely informative and is presented in an enjoyable, friendly and professional manner

CK, Sheffield


As a qualified hypnotherapist this course was excellent in giving me even more ‘tools’ to help clients

SC, Sheffield


Thank you so much for such an interesting 3 days.  I have thoroughly enjoyed everything that has been taught.  I will be using many of the techniques.

CS, Derbyshire


Excellent, in-depth training on what is a common issue in a therapist practice.  Not often addressed by most courses



The CPDs are an invaluable tool to add to the normal hypnotherapy training.  They are very in depth and have given me more confidence to deal with these situations.



Course content and training materials excellent.  Plenty of practical involved.  Great value.

DH, Milton Keynes


Excellent course, right balance of clinical information and discussion on application

CT, Sheffield



COST £160 payable by paypal

         £150 payable by bank transfer

         £140 NCH/NCP members


Marking coursework and certification (by email) included. APL hours 20.

What you need to do to receive certification (this is not compulsory):


Complete two vignettes of your choice. Minimum of 500 words. How would you proceed with this client, what do you need to know, what type of interventions could be useful? Do you have any concerns?


PLUS answer the following questions, referring to both the Powerpoint notes and the course mnual


  1. What is the limbic system and why is it important?
  2. What are the criteria for diagnosing social anxiety disorder?
  3. Look at slide 24 – what does this refer to?
  4. Write a 4-6 session plan on dealing with avoidant paruresis
  5. What is the aetiology of needle phobia?


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